Please tell me this is some kind of sick joke.

I’ve become a big fan of the Bumper Sticker application on Facebook.  With this application, you can send “stickers” to your friends, and they end up displayed on their profiles.  (And thanks to those of you who have already sent me grammar-oriented stickers!)

Of course, since most of them are homemade, they’re often filled with errors.  I’ve come to expect that.

And then I saw this one:

Oh, sweet Jesus.

Are we serious here?  Are we really, truly serious?

Or is this some kind of elaborate joke?  Is the joke that there are so many errors in it, on purpose, that this is the ultimate “gotcha” by the creator?

If it were a joke to those of us in the know, then I would gladly add this sticker to my profile.

For now, though, it’s staying far, far away.

Tell me — do you think that this was done on purpose to joke about people with bad spelling and grammar?

Or do you think that the creator was serious and just made the mistakes without thinking?

I can’t even tell!


11 responses to “Please tell me this is some kind of sick joke.

  1. So, you would be glad to add it to your profile, but only if its creator was trying to make some statement? That sounds pretty silly. Couldn’t you add it to your profile regardless of the creator’s intentions and make the statement yourself?

  2. You have a point, Joe! To be truthful, I’m kind of overflowing in stickers (mostly due to Alexa, who gave me about six or so in the past week!), so I might just admire this one from afar. 🙂

  3. I’m going to hope the ‘o’ was left off intentionally so that I won’t bang my head on my desk.

  4. I have no faith in human intelligence these days. As much as I would love to believe the errors in that sticker are meant to be some sort of clever statement, I would bet they are just errors, plain and simple.

    Last night, a Showtime commercial referred to one of the channel’s shows as “addicting.”


    Addicting. Not addictive.

    If none of the copywriters, screeners or editors are catching these kinds of errors before a nationally broadcast commercial hit the airwaves, I don’t harbor a lot of hope for the grammatical prowess of kids making up stickers for their friends.

  5. Unfortunately I think that’s how that person writes. I don’t think grammar is being pushed too much in school anymore.

  6. Alexa Moutevelis

    You can never have too many awesome bumper stickers! You should see how many my sister has – it’s got to be something like 200!

  7. Unfortunately, I’m pretty sure it’s 100% real. Most people are stupid and lack the ability to distinguish homophones. The rampant misuse of your/you’re, to/too, and there/their/they’re pisses me off SO MUCH. And, unfortunately, even people who are supposedly smart do it, and enough times to have fully convinced me that it’s not just a typo. Sigh.

  8. As a teacher of seniors (including Honors seniors), I expect that sticker is authentic. I’m doubtful those errors are typos. Nice, huh? They don’t even take the time to use spell-check.

  9. I’mn pretty sure the person who created the bumper sticker is completely unaware of the mistake. Facebook is a breeding ground for such horrendous (and often ironic) grammar goof-ups. My friends like to send me bumper stickers that have obvious errors on them just because they KNOW I’ll freak out, haha.

  10. thekoolaidmom

    Celticbuffy said, “Unfortunately I think that’s how that person writes. I don’t think grammar is being pushed too much in school anymore.”

    That’s true, they’re too busy pushing standardized tests and the NCLB act.

  11. I don’t get it…

    (Many of your archived articles link to pictures which have been changed or removed. It’s not good to hotlink pictures.)

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