Overheard Everywhere

Here’s a quote from Overheard Everywhere that I thought you would enjoy:

As You Should Know All Too Well, Cuntrella
Teacher: Does anyone know how to spell that?
Student: Looks like it’s time to whip out the dic!
Teacher: Some words should *not* be shortened.

High School Classroom
Rhode Island
via Overheard Everywhere, Jun 23, 2008

Thanks to Alexa for blogging it earlier today!

This reminds me of a funny moment in high school. There was a girl (who was hilarious) who would say the word ridic, short for ridiculous, all the time. (This is back before it became more widespread.)

It was mostly unremarkable until she said the following to a math teacher:

“Mr. M, you’re ridic.”

Say it out loud.

To this day, it makes me smile.


4 responses to “Overheard Everywhere

  1. Alexa Moutevelis

    Don’t forget the Granny Vandal!

    Old lady: You spelled “candle” wrong.
    Employee: What?
    Old lady: You spelled “candle” wrong on one of your signs. Give me a piece of paper and I’ll fix it for you.
    Employee: It’s okay.
    Old lady (getting extremely angry): No, it is not okay. This is inappropriate and you need to fix it.


  2. My wife has been known to express her displeasure with something by saying “That’s ricockul0us.”

  3. That puts me in mind of an Ira Gershwin lyric.

    “It’s absolutely most ridic,
    Positively sil,
    The rain may pitter-patter,
    It really doesn’t matter,
    For life can be delish
    With a sunny disposish.”

  4. “Ricockulous” is a real word. Look it up in your cocktionary.

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