The Granny Vandal

Picture it: Random Urban Environment, 2064.

The Grammar Vandal goes out for her morning Red Bull and Earl Grey tea.  She has the skin of a baby’s bottom, considering that by this point, everyone is Botoxed from birth on.  She is also dating a 29-year-old.

She then spies a sign.  Horrified, she confronts the nearest employee:

Old lady: You spelled “candle” wrong.
Employee: What?
Old lady: You spelled “candle” wrong on one of your signs. Give me a piece of paper and I’ll fix it for you.
Employee: It’s okay.
Old lady (getting extremely angry): No, it is not okay. This is inappropriate and you need to fix it.

Thanks to Alexa and OINY!


2 responses to “The Granny Vandal

  1. Just call me Joe

    Hey, how about the candal vandal?

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