Olympics Hilarity: Vol. I

My mom sent me a great email forward the other day.  Titled “Is China ready for the Olympics?” and filled with hilarious pictures, these are must-see examples of language and cultural mishaps.

There are 22 pictures in total, so I’m going to post two a day until the Olympics are over, with a few extras on the final day.

Any of my friends can tell you that I’ve been worshiping Michael Phelps for the last week, so I’m thrilled to do something Olympics-oriented on the blog!

Here we go:

For when being just lovely isn’t good enough.

I kissed a squirrel; I liked it….the taste of his nutty Chapstick….

Stay tuned for more.


One response to “Olympics Hilarity: Vol. I

  1. Is Phelps unreal or what? He’s Greek sculpture with a mindset to match. Fun to watch.

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