Olympics Hilarity: Vol. III

Here are the latest hilarious images from the Beijing Olympics:

Thanks for clearing that up.

Just make sure you die in this area — okay?  Please?

God, I have to stop updating this after a LONG night out in Back Bay and Beacon Hill…


3 responses to “Olympics Hilarity: Vol. III

  1. I don’t know if it’s just my computer, but I can’t see any of the olympics pictures.

  2. I wish to lodge a complaint…

    The title of this blog seems wrong and it bothers me…The Grammar Vandal…you’re not actually vandalizing anything, you seek to repair…to correct…that which has already been butchered and broken…

    What about Grammatica The Grammar Goddess…like Prometheus, who brought fire to
    mankind she wields her infinite knowledge and benevolence to try and elevate mankind from the depths of his own midguided ignorance…=D

  3. I also see no pictures. Did you change file-hosting sites?

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