7 responses to “Unintentionally Hilarious Headline of the Day

  1. This is just the first taste of the unintentional hilarity that will ensue during the DNC. If this so-called tapping is going on already, are full-on orgies next on the agenda in Denver?

    I am having similar troubles prying myself away from the political news and blogosphere. Can’t get enough of it.

  2. Speaking of Biden, you should do a post on the correct usage of “literally.” http://corner.nationalreview.com/post/?q=NDVlOTg2ODI5NTliMzMxZDNjYmMyYTgzNTcxNDQxNDA=

  3. He tapped that, oh, yeah. And they both look really happy about it.

    Great submission!

  4. This is where newspaper culture and internet culture diverge. “Tap” has meant “choose” for decades if not centuries. It has only meant “have sex with” very recently.

  5. The reason none of the photos show is because you tried to hotlink to your own Gmail account. The photos won’t work unless the person is logged into YOUR Google Mail account.

    Try using an online photo sharing site instead.

  6. Dennis is correct.

    The dictionary is your friend.

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