Fraught with Errors

Sorry about the lack of postings lately.  It’s been a bit difficult finding good items to post, and I’ve been busy moving into my new apartment downtown (which is AWESOME!).

But when I was in New Hampshire this weekend for Barack Obama’s rally, I couldn’t resist taking this picture.

I swear to you, this is the actual specials board at a restaurant on Daniel Webster Highway in Manchester, New Hampshire.  Here it is:

It made me smile.


10 responses to “Fraught with Errors

  1. What’s so amazing is that they got omelette correct while missing butterscotch. I guess with coffee they figured 50/50 they’d get one of them correct.

  2. It made you smile? It made me wince! Where’s a red pen when we need one?

  3. At least that writer used the correct “too,” right?

  4. It reminds me of a restaurant here that on every sign has garden spelled as “gadren” so they just changed the name of the restaurant. True story.

  5. I sort of like “scrambele” – it could almost be the name for a fancy new preparation method! Maybe this is a gem just waiting to be discovered by the Food Network. Or, uh, maybe not. 😉

  6. Vanessa, I would LOVE to hear more about that!

  7. expresso-is that short for espresso to go?!

  8. Wait – does that mean you could get a meat pita? I don’t even know what to think of all this…

  9. Thanks for the giggles. I’m a substitute teacher and also work part-time at an adolescent group home. NC law requires that we conspicuously post the weekly menu for the residents; a job that my supervisor insists on doing herself. Because she, and I quote “has to make sure it’s legible.” In her defense, she does have lovely penmanship, but “tuna salat samwhich’s wit appelsauce, potatoe chips, and cool aide?” Every day I fight an impulse to scribble all over it with my red pen, but I can’t bring myself to do it.

    She also posts notes all over the place, each and every one of which commits some type of homophone offense (to/two/too, your/you’re, it’s/its, there/their/they’re.) Nobody says anything so the hot mess continues…

  10. You know, all these years, I’ve been using a little black dot at the end of my sentences. It seems that I must have been mistaken. As we can all see above, every sentence is to be ended with a large green underline. Too bad this comment program won’t allow such things, otherwise I would go back and correct all of my other comments.

    P.S. Lisa, I would love to walk through this adolescent home you speak of. That story made me laugh. 🙂

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