I have a question for you.

What is the worst part of this sign?


12 responses to “I have a question for you.

  1. I regularly feel tortured by the state of many of the public washrooms I am forced by circumstance to patronize. Thus, the worst part is the capitalization of every frikkin’ word. To me, anyway.

  2. Um, that name up there should have read “Simon”, not what it reads. My bad.

  3. I like Thrakazog! It has a nice ring to it.

  4. That’s classic. Where do you find these?

  5. This one came from the fail blog (failblog.org). It’s hilarious — I highly recommend adding it to your feed reader!

  6. Hey, the restroom can be a dangerous place!

  7. It’s so hard to choose which is the worst. It could be the use of “everyday” instead of “every day.” It could be the capitalization of “by” when using title caps. It could be the odd use of red to stress “our.”

    But the worst part for me is the improper use of the ellipses and the incorrect spacing around each dot. Why doesn’t the ellipses get the respect it deserves?!

  8. … yes. Absolutely.

  9. hello, sorry i have a question . could you please help me with it? whic word should we substitute in the gap? ” I (had to/could)——– learn Japanese customs very quickly!” thanks.

  10. heyyyy sexayyy.

  11. Well now, Destiny… I do believe that you spelled the words: ‘hey’, and ‘sexy’ incorrectly, but that could just be my imagination.

  12. The ellipses got me. There was an actual guttural noise when I saw it.

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