Be careful with those political signs!

After moving to the Back Bay, I got rid of my car.  Before, however, I refused to put any political bumper stickers on it.  This is despite the fact that I’m crazy about politics, that I live and breathe for new election news, that each morning I wake up already thinking about Joe Biden or Sarah Palin or Ted Kennedy.  No stickers, however.

The main reason?

Road rage.

Putting a political bumper sticker on your car makes you a target to drivers of the opposite political persuasion.  And while the chances of anything dangerous happening are low, you could still be cut off, tailgated or flipped off.  I’d rather stay safe on the road.

It’s the same thing if you wear political merchandise.  You need to be on your best behavior at all times when wearing an Obama shirt or a McCain button.  If not, you’ll be the jerk who wouldn’t move out of the way on the subway in an Obama shirt or the moron who stood on the left side of the escalator with a McCain button.

And in that moment in this hypothetical situation, Obama supporters become assholes and McCain supporters become dumbasses.

This is why you need to be careful with political signs — especially the ones you make yourselves.  Grammar and spelling come into play.  They sure do in these circumstances:

You could end up with this.

Or this.

Images via Pundit Kitchen and CFNews13.


5 responses to “Be careful with those political signs!

  1. Better a half-breed muslin than a full-blooded linen, I always say.

  2. I suppose we should praise the maker of the second sign for at least recognizing the fact that there should be a hyphen between half and breed.

    And was the cotton used to make the half-breed muslin grown in America? Because if it was, it’s a whole ‘nother ballgame.

  3. As one who has lived and breathed politics for 8 years, studied it for 4, and worked in it for 2+, I thought it would be good to show off some left-leaning errors, for balance:

    Hillary campaign misspells “tommorrow”

    Sign: “‘Yehaw’ is not a foriegn policy”

    “Busch’s lies”

    “Bush don’t like black people…”


  4. i assume thee is a confederate flag flying somewhere near the obama sign?

  5. Alexa – don’t forget all the “daugthers” among the casualties…

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