Share Your Favorite Ironic Moment

I love irony.  I find it deliciously amusing — especially when people use the term irony correctly!  (We all know that it’s not that often!)

It’s Friday, so let’s gear up for the weekend by sharing some stories.

In the comments, tell me about an ironic moment in your life that you enjoyed.

Here’s one.  It’s not really mine to tell, since it happened to my friend Alexa (who reads this blog — check out hers!), but I find it to be a perfect example of irony.

After she moved in with her boyfriend a few years ago, his mother gave them a trinket that read “First Christmas Together — 2006” on it.

The irony?  They didn’t celebrate that Christmas together — they didn’t even celebrate it in the same state!  They each spent the holiday with their own family members (which is unusual for them!).

What’s your favorite real-life ironic moment?


6 responses to “Share Your Favorite Ironic Moment

  1. I love real-world ironies. I blogged about my favorite one a few months back (and a friend of mine, in the comments, added another good one:

  2. Hey Kate,
    I am back… (I am the one who asked if the Oakland A’s shouldn’t be called the Oakland As… I’ve done pretty well at remembering to add that apostrophe, so thank you!) Well, I have another question. Are there ever instances when using an apostrophe to pluralize something is correct? Please tell me no, please tell me no. But if I am wrong again, I shall really try harder to learn what I thought I already did! Thanks!

    Oh, and sorry, but I can’t think of any truly ironic moment in my life. I have a rather dull existence. 🙂

  3. New blog post:
    Don’t know who this website is affiliated with, but the Obama bracelet is missing a comma:

  4. What about the song, “Isn’t It Ironic?” where she goes on and on describing situations where there is no irony?

  5. I once saw a tow truck stall in the middle of an intersection. I laughed all the way home.

  6. One of my myspace “friends” (the quotation marks are intentional) is a huge McCain supporter. Her myspace status: “Go ahead you studpid obama people, follow your silly shepard…baa baa.” Her mood: “Smarter then you”

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