More FAIL!

Okay.  Forget everything I said about the Word Warp application for the iPhone.  I’ve been playing it nonstop, and now something’s wrong with my right arm…it’s sore all the time, and even resting it on the table irritates it.  My hand hurts the most.  I wish I weren’t typing this.

I overdid it.  And I’ve been paying for it for days.

(My boss asked me why I’ve had my computer on my lap all week, despite the fact that I was sitting at my desk.  I told him it was easier for me to view illicit and inappropriate material that way.)

Since the Fail Blog is always popular with everyone, here are some of the best fails of recent memory:

(I think this one is a joke, but I love it.)

(This one is for my bud Josh.  It’s so him.)

Horrible.  But I laughed.


6 responses to “More FAIL!

  1. No, actually the SLUT is real. It’s a pork project, too. Know if from my CAGW days

  2. Kate,

    The S.L.U.T. is not a joke. This was the actual name for the trolley until the “mistake” was realized and corrected and now it is called the Seattle Streetcar.

    Amy Fox

  3. I can’t believe it’s not a joke! That makes my day. Those T-shirts, though — those have to be a joke. Would the MBTA sell shirts like that? 😉

    Ed (Marimba), I checked out the site and I loved it. Everyone, you should take a look!

  4. I know this is an older post but I just had to say, I too am obsessed with Word Warp!

  5. The Seattle trolley’s actual name is South Lake Union Streetcar. I don’t know if South Lake Union Trolley (S.L.U.T.) was ever supposed to be the official name, but many residents who were upset about the project called it by that name.

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