9 responses to “Would you wear these boots?

  1. Hmmm…maybe it’s meant to be read as YOU R SO CUTE?

    I doubt it. Otherwise it would have been URSOCUTE.

    Also, don’t you just HATE when people write “would of” or “could of” instead of “would’ve” and “could’ve” – seriously, do people not understand the language they speak? Obviously not.

  2. Have you ever noticed how the names of Steve Madden shoes are all spelled so horrendously? They’ll add an extra letter into the name of the shoe to create a completely retarded-looking made-up word. It makes me cringe to admit that I can’t live without my zillion pairs of [stupidly-named] Steve Madden shoes…sigh.

  3. Hm, well it probably won’t bother most of the product’s target market 🙂

    I’ve somehow come to tolerate this kind of teen-speak, along with the people at my office who say ‘heighth,’ and start written sentences with ‘And.’ *Shudder.*

  4. Ha ha ha! Hilarious! I drive my kids to school along the same route, daily, and almost daily I follow a car with a tag frame that says, “If it’s too loud, your too old.” Drives me totally crazy. One of these days I’m going to snap, and I’ll have to say something to the ignoramus who bought that. Since, of course, I can’t get to the imbecile who made it.

  5. I kept trying to justify your spelling by thinking they meant “Your so cute (boots),” indicating possession rather than the you-are contraction, but that’s just seems stupid too.

  6. Aren’t these Sarah Palin’s “fuck me” boots?

  7. There’s a Skechers shop on the ground floor of my office building and for a while they had huge posters in the windows with slogans like, “We put the ‘s’ in Action.” I kept wanting to scream, “THERE IS NO ‘S’ IN ‘ACTION’! You’re promoting stupidity!” But since I didn’t want to be hauled off to the loony bin either, I kept my mouth shut. The posters have finally been replaced with some equally insipid but less grammatically offensive content…

  8. The name of these boots is obviously “socute.” When you buy them, they become “yoursocute” boots. I want some mysocute boots, how ’bout you?

  9. I found you via the MSNBC article, and want to say that I love your blog! I’m reading back entries on my Google Reader, so I know this is kind of late. I want the world to know that I tried on those boots (before I had seen the name), and they looked horrendous. Lest you think it was just me, I later saw someone else wearing them, and they looked terrible on her, too.

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