6 responses to “Thatcher, Thacher, Thatcher, Thatcher

  1. Post that one on a local media outlet’s website, and email it to whatever city authority hangs signs. Dipshits.

  2. I have another example of this… In this case, it’s a wonderful example of how important the okina is in the Hawaiian language. Yes, they are also at the same intersection.

    Big Island-14

    This is how the name should be.

    Big Island-15

    Then there is this one.

  3. One sign is incredible.
    One sign is quite credible.

  4. It’s Boston–we should just be glad there are street signs up at all!

  5. I have a similar example. It’s a very short street only about a block long named Brittany Trace. The street sign on one end of the road correctly reads “BRITTANY TR”, but the sign on the other end of the street reads “BRITTNAY TR”. I’ve been tempted to take down the incorrect one… I noticed the signpost was completely missing last time I was there, so I can only conclude that someone ran into it and knocked it down. 🙂

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