Here are my newest favorites from the Fail Blog:


8 responses to “A world of GRAMMATICAL FAIL!

  1. The second one just kills me! So high and mighty…and stupid.

  2. Gross. Get to a gym.

  3. How much you want to bet that the tattoo artist’s sign said “TaTu.” There is a tattoo parlor in Salem, NH that the sign says “TaTu.” If ANYONE needs to know how to spell (and use grammar) it’s your tattoo artist!

  4. Some people wear their stupidity on their face; others on their back.

  5. Oh, dear God! It scares me that nobody noticed this before the tattoo was completed! I hope for his sake that all his friends and family are as stupid as he is…maybe they won’t notice!

  6. Obviously this guy owns a gold mine, and the tattoo is the sign outside the mine….

  7. This will teach anyone considering getting a tattoo to bring a Dicshunary…..:-}

  8. It is a misunderstanding. You see, he is a union organizer and he is saying your mine (the non-unionized one) is dangerous to being potentially lethal to its miners.

    So simple…

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