Spelling Errors Throughout the US

Here are some of the latest, funniest spelling errors I’ve spotted on Facebook’s “Good Grammar Is Hot” group:

I particularly like the Hello Kitto.


10 responses to “Spelling Errors Throughout the US

  1. These are funny. Where do you find them? Why don’t you give credit to your sources?

  2. Fixed! I meant to reference the Facebook group, which I usually do. People post some amazing pictures on there.

  3. In defense of the first shot, perhaps the owner was just advertising his dog’s knot-tying ability?

  4. I like how you misspelled “Helly Kitto.”

  5. I bet you could find that keychain for sale on the streets of NYC, right next to the Prado and Foach.

  6. Helly kitto. Fantastic. It’s almost like it was written in engrish, but that wouldn’t make sense at all, since Hello Kitty is already Japanese. I think I’m gonna walk around all day saying, “Helly kitto. ” Just try and stop me.

  7. Hello,
    Will someone please tell Members of Congress
    and the President , that ta is not a word.
    To, is pronounced with a long O not a short A.

  8. Perhaps the Helly Kitto character is based on Kitto, the half-goblin, half-sidhe in Laurell K. Hamilton’s Meredith Gentry series!

  9. Bight is actually the old spelling of bite.
    It got changed in the same way night seems to be turning into ‘nite’ and light is often written as ‘lite’

  10. I’m pretty sure Helly Kitto is intentional. As in, that’s bootlegged merchandise made to look like something – only vaguely – to avoid copyright infringement.

    It’s the same thing as knockoff kid’s toys labeled “Spyderman” or something.

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