10 responses to “Happy Anniverisary

  1. Don’t be so picky. If you worked at
    writing on cakes all day with a never
    ending line I can guarantee that you
    too would make lots of mistakes.

    It’s called time pressure, listening and
    dealing with lots of impatient customrs.

    I think you owe the cake decorator an
    apology. Maybe you should work in
    a busy store before you slam this
    cake decorator.

  2. Does anyone else think it’s unreasonable to expect correct spelling on a cake for which you pay, especially when it’s one of the most common words written on cakes, especially when you actually spell it out to the cake decorator?

  3. Ha! I texted that to a friend.

  4. To PP

    If I pay for a cake I expect it to say what I asked for, correctly.
    Mistakes are never acceptable in a professional context. If it was a friend doing it, then you could just have a laugh and eat the error.

    If a mechanic didn’t fasten all of you lug nuts properly, and you had an accident, would you consider it “picky” to blame his incompetence?

  5. They must have picked some cheap ass cake shop. So sad.

  6. Here’s my favorite. I surprised my husband with a party at a gathering of friends. I had only a few minutes to pick up the cake I had ordered at a chain grocery store that has a maned animal in the name. I noticed this in the check-out line, but didn’t have time to have it fixed. Ah, well. The cake said, “Happy 33th Birthday.”

  7. Who’s Mim, anyway? Or is that Nim? In cursive, if I can remember from 4th-grade penmanship, the cursive “n” has two humps and the “m” has three. The last letter in that word clearly has 3, but the first letter only 2.

    So it really says:
    Happy (pointing about 30º up)
    anniverisary (straight)
    nim and Dad (pointing about 20º down)

    No, PP, you’re right. These people are all terribly picky and ridiculous.

  8. I’ll confess, on my blog, I don’t punctuate perfect and I get lazy on the upper and lower case letters but when I’m at work or in class it has to be perfect and I nitpick others to death. There is a time and place for everything and I don’t think you’re being overbearing for asking people to communicate effectively and provide you with the service you requested.

  9. That’s funny! One of my favorite blogs now is CakeWrecks, a daily posting of “professional” cakes done badly.

  10. And I love how poor old Dad seems to be a squished-in afterthought.

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