Bill Cosby = Grammar WIN!

Earlier in this blog’s history, I talked about Bill Cosby’s latest book, Come On People.  (I discussed it here and later here.)

Oh, Bill.  Oh, publishing company.  Without the comma, there’s suddenly a LOT of innuendo in this title.  (The cover art doesn’t help, either.)

Well, I was perusing the books at Borders the other day and saw the latest edition of the book:


They actually added the comma!

THIS MAKES ME SO HAPPY!!  It’s so rare that you actually see a company changing its grammar after customer complaints!  (Believe me, there were a lot of complaints.  This book got a lot of press for its missing comma in the title.)

I have to give a shout-out to the book’s publisher, Thomas Nelson.  Well done, Tommy boy.  Very well done.


6 responses to “Bill Cosby = Grammar WIN!

  1. Thank goodness for the comma!

  2. A colleague of mine forwarded me your URL yesterday, and suddenly I’m a huge fan. Hilarious stuff.

  3. Isn’t it more of a punctuation error than a grammar error?

  4. Saw the MSNBC article that linked to your blog. LOVE the Bill Cosby thing. I can’t believe that was the original cover.

  5. They got it right. At least come was spelled come.

  6. My people, my people! I’m so dismayed that people are moving away from good, correct grammar; it’s always a struggle to get others in my job to understand why it’s important. That said, I’m so glad the Cosby people finally got with the program and figured it out.

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