Send to the Grammer Vandal

I LOVE Random House.  They are kind enough to send me grammar and language books from time to time, and some of them are very funny and entertaining.  I will be posting a review on the first shortly.

But you have to admit…in the latest package they sent me, this was a bit odd:


I found it funny enough that they didn’t even put my actual name on the address.  (My coworkers, some of whom simply call me Vandal, were amused as well.)   But the GRAMMER vandal?!

Eh.  They send me books.  I still love them.

6 responses to “Send to the Grammer Vandal

  1. Perhaps they graduated from the school of “any publicity is GOOD publicity!” and made this error in the hopes that it would give you an extra reason to talk about ’em on your blog. And if that’s the case…it worked! 🙂

    (Or maybe it’s just that the person who sent these books out is lacking in spelling skills. Sigh.)

  2. Jennifer Getsinger

    Dear Kate, The Grammar Vandal,
    Your commenter has made an error using a backwards apostrophe in “talk about ’em on your blog.” You can’t see it in here with the vertical tick-marks used for apostrophes, and I don’t know how you can fix it other than trying ”em and deleting the first one. It’s probably an automatic fault of using Word.

  3. Wow, Jennifer Getsinger, that’s kind of nitpicky considering it’s an automated Word problem.

  4. All I can say is WOW. I had a similar incident recently. I am a freelance editor and I received an email from a young woman inquiring as to whether I was hiring. In her email, she told me what an “eagle-eye for detail” she has — except she misspelled my last name (which is on my website). She didn’t get the job. lol.

  5. Edna King-Miller

    You’re a woman after my own heart. I’m absolutely anal about errors in spelling, grammar, context, syntax, etc, etc. I keep a pen handy when I’m reading a book for correcting any of the mistakes I come across. Heaven forbid I should let the next person to read the book think that’s the way it should be. I have to educate them so the bad usage isn’t perpetuated, ad infitinum. (I’m bookmarking this site!) (I won’t even mention the newspapers!)

  6. It used to infuriate me when people had ‘corrected’ books I had checked out of the Library. Thanks, Edna King-Miller, I’m joining the crusade!
    P.S. Whatever happened to proof-readers?

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