Justice shall be served!

This blog CAN make a difference.

Check out the email I just received from a friend from high school:

Hi Kate,

As you may or may not know, I am a technical writer. I showed your blog to my coworker (she thinks it’s hilarious), who showed it to another employee of our firm. This employee works weekends as a bartender at the Hong Kong and he emailed a link to the Grammar Vandal Hong Kong blog entry to the owner of the restaurant. Hopefully the sign will be fixed soon!

Best regards,


Don’t let anyone ever tell you that you can’t change the world!

2 responses to “Justice shall be served!

  1. This is so great! My husband and I were in a podunk town in Wyoming once, and we passed a sign that said, “Congratulations Graduate’s!” I called and very nicely explained why that was incorrect. When we left two days later, it had been changed! I was so excited for my small victory. Alas, however, for every one of those, I can name 20 places I’ve emailed that neither responded nor changed the error. My most recent was a local children’s furniture store (www.fireflyfurnishings.com), which boasts “Kid’s rooms that glow.” Sigh. (Maybe if all your readers email them, too… :-))

  2. Congratulations! The world is now a slightly better place because of you (or a slightly less annoying place anyway). Your blog is hilarious and I can’t wait to read more

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