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Passive-Aggressive Notes

I just discovered a delicious new Web site:  There is so much great material there!

Check this one out:

Ordinarily, I dislike personification of inanimate objects, especially man-made objects like kitchen appliances.

Throw the grammatical errors into the mix and I just want to leave that refrigerator and freezer door wide open until the ice starts melting and dripping down onto the milk cartons!


Noisebot — Cheers and Boos

I am a fan of funny T-shirts (I wore my “Without Me, It’s Just Aweso” shirt when I did my Boston Globe interview, and I recently bought SILF from Busted Tees — that one was a hit at work!), and when I saw the ad for NoiseBot, I clicked on it.

Most of these shirts aren’t very funny, but I did like the one that said, “Make awkward sexual advances, not war.”

As I looked them over, I found two in particular that I thought would be of interest to you readers.  There is an awesome one and an awful one.  Check them out:




We know why.

Beauty Overcomes Grammar

I’m watching Idol Gives Back on TV right now.  It’s heartbreaking.  (Click here to donate to Idol Gives Back, which divides the donations among six charities in the U.S. and in Africa.)

Many celebrities are making appearances on the show, including one of my favorite celebrity couples, David and Victoria Beckham.

Excerpts from their speech, which I wrote down as soon as I heard it:

Victoria: “David and myself are fortunate enough to be here [to be here to tell you to donate, etc. — didn’t get the whole thing].”
David: “Please join Victoria and myself in donating.”

The word myself is completely out of place.  It should be I in the first sentence and me in the second.

If you ever have doubt over whether you should say “and myself” — or “and I” for that matter — drop the other subject.

I am fortunate enough to be here — not myself is fortunate enough to be here.

Please join me in donating — not please join myself in donating.

I know that it’s not their fault.  The show’s writers are the ones to blame.  Though it’s within my rights to criticize them, I do feel a tad guilty insulting a good cause like this one. 

But I have to be honest with myself.  Even if they had written those awkward sentences themselves, I wouldn’t have minded.  They’re too damn good-looking.

Well, it wouldn’t be the first time beauty caused me to overlook grammar errors.  I think my friends know where I’m going with this one.  :-/

Please donate if you can afford to do so.  $10.00 buys a mosquito net.  That could save one or more lives in Africa.

Old Spice Redundancy

I’m watching TV and this Old Spice commercial just came on:

If you can’t watch video right now, this is a commercial for Old Spice Hair and Body wash — which, they say, is “for hair and/or body — or both.”

Isn’t “both” already contained in the “and/or”?

Just saying.

It was an April Fool’s Day joke!

Come on, you guys!  I thought you would be all over that!

It’s not like I claimed to be bought by Target, but still!

Did you just glimpse over it without noticing it?

“Is our children learning?”

During both of my interviews on NPR, I learned that it’s difficult to speak perfectly while under intense pressure.

George Bush must be under a hell of a lot of pressure.  Maybe that explains why he’s taken all those vacations to Texas.



It just keeps getting better and better. 

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