In the News

National Coverage:

Is stress pushing spelling snobs over the edge? —, February 3, 2009

Stop Sign Travesties! Self-proclaimed “grammar vandal” goes after public mistakes that grateBoston Sunday Globe, lead feature of City Weekly section, July 15, 2007, with accompanying gallery of errors 

Grammar Vandal Goes on Vigilante Comma Crusade — National Public Radio’s Talk of the Nation, lead story, July 23, 2007

International Coverage:

Write AwaySpotlight Verlag (Germany-based English language magazine), October 2007

Major Web Coverage:

Grammar Nazis — Buzzfeed, May 2007 (link now defunct)

This Grammar Nazi TOOK IT TO THE STREETS! — Newsvine, June 3, 2007 (link now defunct)

A Zorro for Our Times — Universal Hub, July 15, 2007

The Grammar Vandal Strikes in Boston — Language Log, July 16, 2007

The Irony of Medford — Universal Hub, November 15, 2007 

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2 responses to “In the News

  1. After years of anguish finally a site dealing with this very important issue. My all time best but no record of it ( 1980 – ish) was a menu item in Lisdoonvarna in west of Ireland stating “Saughes and Peans” for “Sausages and Peas” ! Will take photos in future. Simon, Dublin, Ireland

  2. Are you as concerned about spoken errors? What drives me absolutely bonkers is the number of newscasters, both radio and television who will say it’s 9 am in the morning, or a meeting will be at 7 pm. in the evening. Nobody seems to be immune to this one.

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