They just make it too easy.

I’ll let this picture from speak for itself:

I love it.


Olympics Hilarity: Vol. III

Here are the latest hilarious images from the Beijing Olympics:

Thanks for clearing that up.

Just make sure you die in this area — okay?  Please?

God, I have to stop updating this after a LONG night out in Back Bay and Beacon Hill…

Olympics Hilarity: Vol. II

I set up WordPress to post yesterday, but it didn’t work!  Weird.

Anyway, here’s round two of hilarious English blunders in Beijing:

Hey!  Crippie!  Over here!

But it wasn’t a lock.  It was a lock robster.

Would you drink your water out of this?

I wonder if they’re in the pie-making business

Olympics Hilarity: Vol. I

My mom sent me a great email forward the other day.  Titled “Is China ready for the Olympics?” and filled with hilarious pictures, these are must-see examples of language and cultural mishaps.

There are 22 pictures in total, so I’m going to post two a day until the Olympics are over, with a few extras on the final day.

Any of my friends can tell you that I’ve been worshiping Michael Phelps for the last week, so I’m thrilled to do something Olympics-oriented on the blog!

Here we go:

For when being just lovely isn’t good enough.

I kissed a squirrel; I liked it….the taste of his nutty Chapstick….

Stay tuned for more.

What do they teach at ChaCha?

I heard about ChaCha a few years ago, but I was recently reminded of them when my sister gushed about their services.

Basically, in a nutshell, ChaCha is a professional Googling service.  You can email or text them a question (I personally prefer to text), and they’ll answer it, usually within an hour.

Now, why would you need this, especially if you have an iPhone or another phone with a browser?  Well, you can ask them qualititative questions as well.

For example, I asked ChaCha what the best club in Boston is.  (They told me Felt, and I strongly disagreed — I go to clubs a few times a week, and I think that Mantra, Saint, the Estate and Rumor are MUCH better than Felt.)  I asked when Michael Phelps’s next races were being broadcast on the East Coast.

Then I asked, “Who is the grammar vandal?”

The answer? “A female superhero living in Boston that has is [sic] driven to eradicate grammar errors in public in Boston and elsewhere.”  A superhero!  Yay!

Then, “Who is Kate McCulley?”

The answer: “Kate McCulley is the grammar vandal!”  Awesome.

Then it turned sour.

Because I couldn’t resist, I asked the following question: “How do you get a guy to notice you?”

The answer: “Well you could get done up very nice and make sure your near him a lot.  Just go up to him and talk with him 🙂

Make sure YOUR near him a lot?!  No!  NO!!!

It got worse.

I asked: “Do [certain] guys ever date girls [like me]?”

The answer: “Sure why not?  There rather sexy don’t you think?  I would encourage trying new things!

Oh, my God.

Well, I enjoy their answers, so I’m going to keep using it.

But come on — is it REALLY that hard to hire people who know the proper forms of your and you’re and there and their and they’re?

Ghoti — Prounounced “Fish”

George Bernard Shaw once said that the word ghoti could be pronounced “fish.”

His reasoning?

Well, how to you pronounce tough?  Or women?  Or nation?

Technically, if you follow those rules, ghoti is pronounced like something else entirely.

Thanks to Alexa for this gem.