Vandalism at Work

At work on Saturday, there was a sign in serious need of some grammar vandalism. I grabbed the nearest marker and made the adjustment.

Unfortunately, I am not allowed to take pictures in my office. Normally, I wouldn’t let something like that stop me, but my manager’s manager’s manager told me that she reads this blog, so I guess I shouldn’t take any chances. 🙂

Here is a simulation of the photo that would have been:

Thank you, Microsoft Paint.


6 responses to “Vandalism at Work

  1. How do they have grammar problems when you’re on staff?

  2. What you are doing is just marvelous. I do wonder, however, if a sign could have been at work last Saturday.

  3. Hahaha. Maybe I need a promotion.

    Unfortunately, anon, I work Tuesday-Saturday. Having Monday off is nice….working Saturday is not.

  4. Just read this in an old Jay Nordlinger column:

    Which reminds me of a story: I once met a foreign woman — can’t quite remember from where — who noted the moment at which she gave up on English. She had studied diligently. (I believe she was Eastern European.) For example, she knew that “read,” in the present tense, is “reed,” whereas in the past tense it is “red.” And she knew that “reading” is always “reeding.”

    So she arrived in England and noticed a sign for a town called Reading. “Ah,” she said, “Reeding.” “No,” she was corrected: “Redding.”

    She gave up.

  5. Here’s another place where I find many amazing deformations of language.

    Restaurant menus!

    You’d think that those taking on the responsibility of compiling, editing, and printing menus should have some sense of spelling and punctuation, not to mention a grasp of French, Spanish and Italian culinary terms (if those are the types of food they’re offering).

    Here is only a recent example. On a dessert menu, I spied “Creme Broulee.” (The accent on “creme,” of course, pointed the wrong way. The unfamiliarity with French accents I can forgive, but the spelling? And on a glossy, upscale menu?)

    I used to have a policy of not ordering anything that was misspelled on the menu, but I decided that was cutting back my choices too much.


  6. Ceaser Salad! I once saw a sign in a café window advertising ‘patotoe salad’. My friends thought I was crazy when I announced my refusal to eat there.

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