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I knew this was coming.

Well, the Stuff White People Like blog has added its 99th entry: grammar.

It turns out that, in addition to study abroad, Barack Obama, coffee, bicycles, Arrested Development, multilingual children, organic food and David Sedaris, white people like grammar.

Considering that this blog could pretty much be called Stuff Kate Likes, I absolutely knew that this was coming.

When asking someone about their biggest annoyances in life, you might expect responses like “hunger,” “being poor,” or “getting shot.” If you ask a white person, the most common response will likely be “people who use ‘their’ when they mean ‘there.’  Maybe comma splices, I’m not sure but it’s definitely one of the two.”

And what of the people who actually correct grammar?

Another important thing to know is that when white people read magazines and books they are always looking for grammar and spelling mistakes. In fact, one of the greatest joys a white person can experience is to catch a grammar mistake in a major publication. Finding one allows a white person to believe that they are better than the writer and the publication since they would have caught the mistake. The more respected the publication, the greater the thrill. If a white person were to catch a mistake in The New Yorker, it would be a sufficient reason for a large party.

I’m not going to lie — if I found a mistake in The New Yorker, I would experience a huge burst of emotion.  Not of pride, however — of anger.

That is DEFINITELY taking it too far.


Look what I found!

Location: McIntyre & Moore Booksellers, Davis Square, Somerville, Massachusetts

Check that out!

I didn’t do that. That was already there.

That was a laminated piece of paper — so that was some heavy-duty grammar vandalism, indeed!

A Bit of Vandalism

I went up to Reading, my hometown, to see my Mom tonight, and we stopped at Linens-N-Things and Staples. I (finally) had a pen in my purse, so I corrected a few grammatical errors:

Location: Linens-N-Things, Reading, MA

These everyday signs were all over the store. It hurts. It really hurts.

Location: Staples, Reading, MA

You could make an argument for this one, saying that the sign was telling you to picture perfect holidays. I don’t think that was the intention of the Staples marketing team — I think they wanted you to have picture-perfect holidays.

Come on! You are both obviously big chains — get an editor who didn’t go to gym teachers’ college!

Vandalism at Work

At work on Saturday, there was a sign in serious need of some grammar vandalism. I grabbed the nearest marker and made the adjustment.

Unfortunately, I am not allowed to take pictures in my office. Normally, I wouldn’t let something like that stop me, but my manager’s manager’s manager told me that she reads this blog, so I guess I shouldn’t take any chances. 🙂

Here is a simulation of the photo that would have been:

Thank you, Microsoft Paint.