7 responses to “Assaulting the Red Line

  1. That’s one of those things I’ll laugh at and my husband doesn’t get it. You have to love the flashy, tabloid of Boston! They always go for the gross visual!

  2. Alexa Moutevelis

    You were “somewhat bemused” – not HORRIFIED?!

  3. Don’t you mean “lede”?

  4. No way. “Lede” is the dumbest word alive. It should be dead.

    We, the news community, do not need such redundancy. We already have “lead.” It works fine, and represents exactly what you think it does: the beginning of the story!

    Why is “lede” used, anyway?

  5. You’ve got me – I thought “lede” was the term used by you professional news people. I only learned about the word recently over on Language Log.

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  7. Subway-stalking Perverts is a great name for a band!

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