Another Horrible Tattoo

We have seen lots of bad tattoos on this blog, but I think this one reaches new heights.

Image via Fail Blog.

There is SO MUCH that is wrong with this!

It’s not just the spelling of what I perceive to be the word “jealous,” or the upside-down question mark, or the fact that “Jalous” is capitalized while “are” is not.  But the credit underneath the tattoo?  Who in his or her right mind would get that tattooed on his or her right can?

It’s going to be hard to top this one.


11 responses to “Another Horrible Tattoo

  1. Oh, so disturbing! I’m not jalous or jealous.

  2. I just watched the CNBC News and the news reporters were talking about the down stocks and the horrible economy. Then they showed a quote while reading “… since …” However, they spelled “since” as “dsince”. I was absolutely frustrated. How can such a simple word be misspelled? Anyway, in class my teacher talked about you and showed us some “FAIL” pictures from your page. He also let us hear some clips from your interviews. In the end, I was fascinated because I also have a pet peeve of everyone misspelling such simple words.

  3. I assume “Jalous” is meant to mean “envious”? Jealousy is the emotion when you fear that something of yours (eg a relationship) is being taken away; envy is the emotion when you wish you had what someone else has. People mix them up.

  4. @Jenny, I admire your spirit, but don’t freak out with “absolute frustration” over simple typos, you’ll exhaust yourself. There is a lot of actual language abuse out there, something like “dsince” is probably a careless typographical error, rather than an an actual misspelling. It’s embarrassing for MSNBC but not the end of the world, either.

  5. Someone’s artistic license should be revoked.

  6. In the case of the tattoo: I used to do occasional calligraphy and I know that when you’re concentrating hard on the shape of the letters it’s easy to accidentally leave one out. I suspect that’s how “jalous” happened.

  7. the left cheek would have been WAY better!

  8. I actually thought that was supposed to be “fabulous” until I read the post.

  9. Actually, I believe the offending phrase in on a left breast, not a right butt cheek. Oh, dear.

  10. I thought for a moment it was supposed to be French (“Jaloux”). It may be some from other language with the flipped ? at the end–making it a clever multilingual pun. There is at least one artist named Jalous, and it’s a surname.

    Or, it could be a tacky tattoo with a grevious error.

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